We are looking for the best possible talent to drive our business and growth. If you are looking for a career that constructs the most of your talents, and truthfully inspires you to get your career to new heights – Canar should be your choice.

Our success depends on our people; we distinguish each employee's contribution to the organization and eventually to our ongoing success.

Canar employees’ benefits from highly competitive compensation package, added benefits and perks as well as exceptional opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

The work environment at Canar offers a continually challenging and professionally rewarding experience. We actively train our staff and develop their competencies for tomorrow's challenges.

We strive for our employees’ well-being and take retention very seriously. If you feel you have what it takes to work in a dynamic, challenging environment, or if you are a Sudanese national seeking a rewarding career, take a moment to view our vacancies. We look forward to welcoming you to the winning team.

We currently offer opportunities for experienced professionals and fresh graduates.

Graduate Trainee Program (GT)

We are committed to developing the Sudanese national work force as an organizational priority.
Our Graduate Trainees (GT) programs span a number of areas of specialization and address a range of educational and professional backgrounds.

GT's have been created by Canar as a means of attracting young Sudanese's and to develop the ambition and talent into potential future leaders. GT's are managed and monitored by a team of dedicated staff of the business functions Mentor, Training, and the Career Development Team. On successful completion of GT’s developers' will be confirmed as employee (e.g. engineers or executives).

Current Vacancies