Customer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Customer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.    What Is Canar Voice & Internet Bundle?

R.    With Canar CDMA wireless service, voice and internet service is provided to you in one convenient bundle package, which means that you do not need to subscribe each services separately and can use voice or internet services, at any time.

Q.    What Is CDMA?

R.    Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is the leading technology that provides better voice quality, instant call connectivity, higher data speeds than any other technology. CDMA operates on "spread spectrum" technology, allowing many users to occupy the same time and frequency allocations in a given band/space.  All of this means that with Canar, you will be assured of the best communication services, through the latest standards.

Q.    What Is Limited Mobility?

R.    Canar will be offering Wireless Local Loop (WLL) services on a 3rd generation CDMA network, which will allow customers to move freely within their home zone. Under NTC regulations, Canar Voice and Internet customers are allowed mobility of 1.5 km within their designation user zone.  You can freely move from room to room and/or anywhere in your residence with Canar wireless handsets, as well as any other area within your home zone.

Q.    What Is The Difference Between Canar Voice & Internet Plans?

R.    Canar’s plan portfolio is designed based on your communication need, requirement and budget. 

    • Canar Prepaid: For customers with an average need of 5-6 calls per day, casual internet usage.
    • Canar Prepaid 25 & Canar Postpaid 40: For customers with an average need of 7-25 calls per day.
    • Canar Postpaid 200: For customers with an average need of more than 25 calls per day and above, relatively high internet usag.

Q.    Can I Change My Voice & Internet bundle Plan To Another One?

R.    Customers can change from User Postpaid to Power User postpaid, or from Basic Prepaid To User Prepaid, through the call center or visiting Canar shops. There will be a nominal charge of SD 1,000 for plan change.

Q.    What Is Canar Prepaid?

R.    Canar prepaid is for low end and middle end customers, allowing customers the advantage of budget control through refreshing their prepaid accounts in advance, with scratch cards, available in various price denominations.

Q.    How Do I Refresh My Prepaid Account?

R.    Canar prepaid customers can refresh their prepaid accounts through Canar scratch cards which are available in affordable denominations of SD 1000, 2000 & 3500.  To refresh prepaid account through scratch card, please dial 1516 from your Canar line and follow instructions.  Customers can also refresh their prepaid accounts Over-The-Counter at Canar shops.

Q.    How Do I Check My Prepaid Balance?

R.    Canar Prepaid customers can check updated prepaid balance by calling 1516 from their Canar lines. A nominal charge of SD 3 per min will be applied for prepaid balance check.

Q.    What Happens If I Do Not Refresh My Prepaid Account & I Have No Balance?

R.    Outgoing voice calls, outgoing SMS and internet dial up will be blocked on zero balance. All Canar prepaid connections will receive incoming calls on an unlimited basis.  However, it is recommended to refresh prepaid accounts regularly, for outgoing calls, internet & email, outgoing SMS.

Q.    What Is Canar Postpaid?

R.    Canar postpaid is for middle end and high user customers, who require more affordable recurring voice and rates for relatively higher usage.  Postpaid customers will be able to use the voice and internet service and pay afterwards when receiving a monthly bill for voice and internet usage.

Q.    How Do I Pay My Monthly Bill?
R.    Canar postpaid customers will receive at the beginning of each month, a bill for the previous month’s usage, with a specified due date for payment. Customers have the option of receiving bills through email, courier or fax.  Bills can be paid via check or cash at the nearest Canar shop.

Q.    What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Monthly Bill On Time?

R.    Outgoing voice calls, outgoing SMS, internet dial up will be blocked on reaching 100% of credit limit, and will resume on clearance of monthly bills. However, if monthly bill is not paid, there will incoming calls/SMS allowed for a period for 60 days, after which the customer’s connection will be placed in idle status.

Q.    What Is Friends & Family?

R.    Friends & Family (F&F) allows Canar voice & internet customers with discounted tariff when calling to one selected Canar & other number of choice (F&F numbers).  F&F is automatically enabled on all Canar voice and internet prepaid and postpaid package plans.

Q.    How Do I Set Up My Friends & Family Numbers?

R.    Canar voice and internet customers can have their first time F&F numbers entered through Canar shops or call center.  Canar prepaid customers can also do this by calling 1516 from their Canar line.

Q.    How Do I Change My Friends & Family Numbers?

R.    Canar postpaid & prepaid customers can change their F&F numbers through Canar shops and/or the call center.  Canar prepaid customers can also do this by calling 1516 from their Canar line.  A nominal charge of SD 100 will be charged per number change.

Q.    What Is VAS Pack?

R.    VAS Pack is automatically enabled on all Canar voice and internet plans, which includes Callers Line Identification (CLI), Call Waiting, Call Forward, Conference Calling & Do Not Disturb (DND)

Q.     How Do I Use Internet With My Canar Voice & Internet Bundle Plan ?

R.    Internet is automatically enabled on your Voice & Internet Bundle Plan.  However, to use internet service, please ask for the additional internet data kit which includes USB based data cable, installation CD and guide.  You will also be provided with a sealed envelope containing your internet and email passwords.

Q.    What Is My Internet ID?

R.    The email ID, عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته. will also act as the internet user name/ID for Canar customers. If customers have more than 1 Canar email accounts, the first e-mail account will serve as the primary internet ID.

Q.    What Is My Free E-mail?

R.    Free Canar عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته. with 50 MB quota, is offered to Canar customers as per plan.  This is one-time and the number and can be first time configured at Canar shops.

Q.    Can I Have More Than 1 Canar E-mail Account?

R.    Canar customers can have as many Canar e-mail accounts as they wish.  There is an additional charge for extra Canar email accounts, ranging from SD 500-1000, as per plan.

Q.    What Happens To My Canar E-mail If I Stop Using Canar Services?

R.    If Canar customers do not use their Voice & Internet services for a period of 3 months, their Canar e-mail will be temporarily blocked.

Q.     What Handset Do I Use With Canar Voice & Internet Services?

R.    Canar Voice & Internet customers can choose from 2 state of the art CDMA handsets – ETS 310 handheld and ETS 2077 desktop, at the time of activation.

Q.    Where Do I Get These Handsets?

R.    Both handsets are available at Canar shops.

Q.    Can I Use Canar Handsets With Other Telecom Services?

R.    ETS 310 & ETS 2077 are CDMA 450 handsets and can only be used with Canar Voice & Internet services.

Q.    Where Do I Go If I Have A Fault With My Canar Handset?

R.    Handset services are available at Canar shops, where any problems with the ETS 310 and ETS 2077 will be resolved promptly by a customer service executive.